Definition of Dantean in English:



  • Of or reminiscent of the poetry of Dante, especially in invoking his vision of hell in "The Divine Comedy"

    • ‘Like Eliot, she draws on Dantean imagery to suggest the netherworld.’
    • ‘To my knowledge, Grimus is the first and last work by Rushdie to consider Dantean transcendence as the goal of the descent to hell.’
    • ‘In Farewell China, the migration process is depicted as a Dantean descent into Hell, and the journey is so harrowing that Law's message is somewhat lost.’
    • ‘Structured as a Dantean triptych (made up of the three ‘kingdoms’ of Hell, Purgatory and Heaven), it's a film that, although containing a narrative, is more akin to Godard's political works from the 70's.’
    • ‘I heard the sounds not as an ascension toward serenity but as a Dantean descent straight to the center of my own collapsing world.’
    • ‘Following Petrarch's Christian and/or Dantean neoplatonism, the lover evokes the standard claim that the contemplation of his beloved will take him to a higher realm of existence.’


  • An admirer or student of Dante or his writing.

    • ‘Its funny how many Danteans still do not get beyond the Inferno.’
    • ‘There is a great school of modern Danteans, not only critical but imaginative writers - G. K. Chesterton, T. S. Eliot, C. S. Lewis, Dorothy Sayers, and Charles Williams - who have helped us recover not only Dante's vision of God, but this existential realism.’
    • ‘I did not ‘endorse’ Gombrowicz, I said that his essay on the Inferno would anger Danteans and was worth reading along with Beckett's ‘Dante and the Lobster’.’
    • ‘As Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is endeavoring to translate Dante's Commedia into English (the first American translation), events unfold in the city that sweep him and his fellow Danteans up into something very dark and very dangerous.’
    • ‘After a long lifetime of scholarship, Barbara Reynolds has been humble enough to do something very simple - explain Dante to non-Danteans.’