Definition of damned in English:



  • 1(in Christian belief) condemned by God to suffer eternal punishment in hell.

    ‘the spirits of the damned’
    • ‘C.S. Lewis noted in The Great Divorce the peculiar desire of the damned spirits on holiday to want to * extend * hell.’
    • ‘Christ is the Divine Judge, a still point in the vortex of the living and the dead, the elect levitating to eternal life, the damned descending into the dark abyss.’
    • ‘Did it have a crew of the damned, and a Captain so evil that Hell itself spat him back out?’
    • ‘There was power behind such eyes, power that could damn a soul or return the damned to life.’
    • ‘He rejects the ideas that hell will be emptied at the end of time and that the damned souls and demons will be reconciled with God.’
    • ‘The cows had no way of knowing that inside this metal husk there was an author suffering the torment of the damned.’
    • ‘Section three sees the raising of the dead by the archangel, and the contrasting responses of the damned and the blessed.’
    • ‘Saint Michael advances towards the viewer, while the damned souls tumble, shrieking, into hell.’
    • ‘The flames of hell are literally consuming the bodies of the damned.’
    • ‘We prefer to suffer the tortures of the damned than to accept our Godliness.’
    • ‘It is the one apocalypse that is truly and completely final, offering no Rapture, no salvation of the chosen, and no punishment of the damned.’
    • ‘He described the saved rejoicing in heaven over the torture of the damned in hell.’
    • ‘Dante doesn't say so, but he leaves us free to speculate that moneylenders continue to practice their trade in hell, lending money at interest to the damned.’
    • ‘For unless I can fulfill my penance, I too will suffer the torments of the damned as revealed by the holy words of Saint John, the Divine.’
    • ‘But both, I think, suffered the tortures of the damned, because they worried so much about whether they were getting it right.’
    • ‘The saved would feast on the sight of the sufferings of the damned.’
    • ‘Meanwhile Birkin slowly uncovers the wall-painting, which shows the righteous trooping smugly off to heaven while the damned dive towards hell.’
    • ‘When I was a small child, I imagined that hell consisted of caves in which the damned were trapped, tortured and burnt.’
    • ‘Christianity makes things worse by teaching the torments of the damned.’
    • ‘These include watching people in pain - and the idea that, since hell was eternal pain, heaven would be watching the damned burn.’
    cursed, accursed, doomed, lost, condemned to hell, execrated
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  • 2informal attributive Used for emphasis, especially to express anger or frustration.

    ‘it's none of your damned business’
    as submodifier ‘she's too damned arrogant’
    ‘you can damned well tell him yourself!’
    • ‘Besides, whatever I say to anybody is my own damned business.’
    • ‘Even the much lauded Henrik Larsson looks more keen on setting up than sticking the damned ball in the flaming net.’
    • ‘If she wrecked that damned bike, he was going to torch it.’
    • ‘To hell with all these damned reasons, we said, they must make an effort to improve their educational performance.’
    • ‘Did Ivan really have business to attend to every damned day or did he just have a reason for avoiding them?’
    • ‘You would have to be a damned fool to miss this thing, people.’
    • ‘What the hell was I doing picking up my damned briefcase?’
    • ‘The State might subsidise many things in this country which are properly none of its damned business, but it in turn is subsidised too.’
    • ‘If she is pregnant she's probably sick to death of answering useless, annoying questions, the replies to which, to be frank, are none of your damned business.’
    • ‘I still have to sit the damned exams and suffer the ‘humiliation’ (as if I care what others think) of not doing so well.’
    • ‘I looked at my watch, 5: 42 pm. Perfect, where in hell is the damned plane!’
    • ‘And there was not a damned thing she could have done to stop it.’
    • ‘Since we met, has it all been one lie after another damned lie?’
    • ‘Where the hell are all the damned commuters when you need them?’
    • ‘They're all right and it's a damned shame that they're getting such a bad press.’
    • ‘Why the hell does this damned ceiling fan make this strange noise?’
    • ‘Shame the experience was wasted, given that I can't remember a damned thing!’
    • ‘And they say, these damned doctors can't make up their minds, to hell with them, just bring out the bacon and eggs and don't worry about it.’
    • ‘The funny thing about all this is that just last week I was having despondent ‘I've hit my peak in this damned career!’’
    • ‘Christian has been stuck in that damned relationship for years.’
    blasted, damn, flaming, precious, confounded, pestilential, rotten, wretched
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    1. 2.1damnedestNorth American Used to emphasize the surprising nature of something.
      ‘the damnedest thing I ever saw’
      • ‘He used to say that his brother was the damnedest scoundrel that ever lived.’
      • ‘This car is just the damnedest looking thing.’
      • ‘We walked into one of the damnedest ambushes you ever seen.’
      • ‘Within half an hour the damnedest thing happened.’
      • ‘I found II Corps dug into the damnedest canyon you ever saw.’


  • do (or try) one's damnedest

    • informal Do or try one's utmost.

      • ‘We tried our damnedest to make it special entertainment, but I'll admit I'm a contributor to the decline in TV standards.’
      • ‘I will try my damnedest to make that one post worth something.’
      • ‘And I tried my damnedest to spoil my bride for a week.’
      • ‘Everyone should get involved in electoral politics and try their damnedest to nominate the best possible candidate and they should give money and time to make that happen.’
      • ‘He was a class act, and I was trying my damnedest to be one, too.’
      • ‘Our men and women in uniform will be doing their damnedest to accomplish some very dangerous missions, and they know the risks.’
      • ‘I'm going to spend the next few months trying my damnedest to tiptoe through the mine fields of other people's political passions.’
      • ‘I know they will be doing their damnedest to win the game, but it's not going to be easy.’
      • ‘I will try my damnedest to capture the look on Alex's face when she lays eyes on one of these.’
      • ‘Here is her current husband, a dour-faced man with a droning voice, who is trying his damnedest to look like an optimist, and his own wife will not deign to gaze at him and smile.’
      try, attempt, venture, undertake, aspire, aim, seek, set out
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