Definition of dais in English:



  • A low platform for a lectern, seats of honor, or a throne.

    • ‘He had been standing between the throne dais and the baron's chair.’
    • ‘Behind the two ancient thrones and their dais, there was a tapestry on the wall.’
    • ‘A handful of men are sitting cross-legged on the raised dais of the communal eating area, weapons by their side, while we take a table on the main floor.’
    • ‘The king sat upon a dais and Lione stood before him and told the story of the crimes the Brotherhood had committed.’
    • ‘He wore a sparkling clean salvar kemeez, and sat on a magnificent throne raised on a mahogany dais above platform 1.’
    • ‘The pontiff spoke from a dais overlooking throngs who cheered ‘You are home’ after he was raised to the altar by a lift.’
    • ‘The four-poster bed, not against the wall, was raised on a dais.’
    • ‘She glanced at CJ standing up on the dais and then back down to the boy running toward her from the bottom of the steps.’
    • ‘Were they not inhibited Anglo-Saxons and had he been in their midst rather than standing on a raised dais, they would have assuredly hugged him.’
    • ‘He ascended the dais to receive his prize. His freedom.’
    • ‘Mills, at 18 the baby of the team, dissolved into tears on the medal dais even before the Australian flag was raised.’
    • ‘She stood on the dais and placed her hands on the waist high posts.’
    • ‘Three other thrones also occupied the dais, but only one was filled.’
    • ‘There was a fitting moment when Ryan called the team Captain, Steven Price, to the presentation dais to receive the trophy with him.’
    • ‘James pointed over to the daises where a man and woman sat on thrones with Marlin slightly behind them.’
    • ‘Sniggering was heard from the other knights standing by the throne dais.’
    • ‘Martin stood on the dais where the lectern usually sat, a low brazier to either side.’
    • ‘From the dais, each name and age is called out over the loudspeaker.’
    • ‘Only when I was standing on the dais did I feel that I had the title wrapped up.’
    • ‘The gazes of all in the room followed Lamar as she ascended the steps of the dais and stood in front of the throne, facing them.’
    platform, stage, podium, rostrum, stand, grandstand, staging, apron, soapbox, stump
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Middle English (originally denoting a raised table for distinguished guests): from Old French deis, from Latin discus ‘disk or dish’ (later ‘table’). Little used after the Middle English period, the word was revived by antiquarians in the early 19th century with the disyllabic pronunciation.