Definition of cytotoxin in US English:



  • A substance toxic to cells.

    • ‘Because bioreductive drugs are activated to form highly effective cytotoxins under hypoxic conditions, they can be used to inactivate hypoxic tumor cells that are refractory to the direct cytotoxicity of hypericin-PDT.’
    • ‘If cytotoxins have no ‘accomplice’ in the cell interior, chemotherapy is usually destined to fail - chemoresistance is the result.’
    • ‘Recently, it has been suggested that nitric oxide produced during an inflammatory response could become an endogenous cytotoxin, with mutagenic and/or carcinogenic properties.’
    • ‘One cell line responded to genotoxins and the other cell line responded to cytotoxins.’
    • ‘While remaining innocuous to the normal tissues, the prodrug is converted to the cytotoxin by the enzyme localised at the tumour.’
    • ‘Apoptosis can be induced by immune cells and cytotoxins, and by changes in homeostatic signals.’
    • ‘Tocopherols protect against the side effects of radiotherapy and cytotoxins.’
    • ‘The possibility that a cytotoxin may play a role in the pathogenesis of EPEC infection had been suggested.’
    • ‘The gold standard for the diagnosis of C. difficile-mediated disease is a cytotoxin assay.’
    • ‘A study has demonstrated that cytotoxin production was the most common virulence factor compared to adhesive and invasive ability.’
    • ‘These aberrations can be formed by cytotoxins produced by many viral and some bacterial illnesses.’
    • ‘Previous studies have indicated that there is considerable variation in the quantity or activity of vacuolating cytotoxin produced or secreted by H. pylori isolates.’
    • ‘The fer-de-lance, a pit viper from Central and South America, has in its venom several highly effective cytotoxins - chemicals that target living cells.’