Definition of cytostatic in US English:



  • Inhibiting cell growth and division.

    • ‘Hormonal therapy for postmenopausal women using chemicals such as tamoxifen is cytostatic, meaning it stops estrogen from stimulating breast cancer cells.’
    • ‘We can then culture those cells and test whether they are likely to be susceptible to a variety of treatments: cytostatic agents, hormones and angiogenesis inhibitors.’
    • ‘It is a cytostatic drug that stops cell division very early in the cell cycle without causing cell death.’
    • ‘The newest stents (which are expensive and not yet in general use) are made of metal coated with a cytostatic agent such as sirolimus or paclitaxel.’
    • ‘We looked for cytostatic properties that would block cells from multiplying rather than kill them.’
    • ‘In both the cases, oocytes were exposed to the cytostatic chemical, nocodazole, from the time of hormonally stimulated resumption of meiosis.’
    • ‘Two case studies have been published on in vivo iontophoretic targeting of cytostatic drugs into skin tumors, one on Bleomycin and the other on Cisplatin.’
    • ‘This cytostatic drug produced dose-related genotoxic effects in both types of wings and in both crosses.’
    • ‘Microtubule drugs are widely used in cancer chemotherapy due to their cytostatic effects.’
    • ‘In preclinical and clinical studies at cytostatic doses, paclitaxel has demonstrated promising results for reducing the processes leading to restenosis.’
    • ‘Cytotoxic and cytostatic gene transfer strategies were developed and tested in animal models of arterial injury.’
    • ‘It is also accepted that a percentage of cancer patients develop secondary tumors after being treated with mutagenic agents such as cytostatic drugs.’
    • ‘Data from such experiments can be misleading since lipid peroxidation products are cytostatic and cytotoxic; and anticancer drugs that generate oxidative stress in biological systems can enhance this effect.’
    • ‘Antineoplastic agents include cytostatic drugs, hormones, antibiotics and other supportive therapy.’
    • ‘It is well known that some cytostatic drugs are DNA-damaging agents.’
    • ‘No ionizing radiation, cytostatic agents, or solvents capable of explaining these disorders were detected at the study site.’


  • Any substance that inhibits cell growth and division.

    • ‘We found that the same protective mechanisms can account for resistance after both irradiation and cytostatics.’
    • ‘Large numbers of materials which can be implanted in the body and contain cytostatics are known.’
    • ‘As mutagens we used two classic cytostatics: the radiomimetic bleomycin and the recombinogen mitomycin C.’
    • ‘Thanks to this multistep therapy, one has the chance to positively influence the course of the illness - even when tumours have not previously responded to radiotherapy, to cytostatics or to hormones.’
    • ‘As early as the next year, the first isolated work room for a safer preparation of cytostatics was completed.’