Definition of cytopathic in English:


(also cytopathogenic)


  • Of, pertaining to, or producing damage to living cells.

    • ‘One strain produced a cytopathic effect consisting of vacuolation and this strain was sent to the National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases, Kolkata for further characterisation.’
    • ‘CMV pneumonia was defined by the presence on TBB of typical inclusion bodies with cytopathic effect.’
    • ‘Even though HBV is not considered a cytopathic virus, immune responses directed against HBV epitopes will continue to cause hepatic damage in the presence of viraemia.’
    • ‘Smoking predisposes and contributes to cytopathic changes throughout the body.’
    • ‘Following a 48-hr incubation period, cells were examined for cytopathic effect or plaques, respectively.’
    • ‘Samples were plated at varying dilutions on confluent Vero cell monolayers and observed for virus cytopathic effect.’
    • ‘Biopsies of the lesions demonstrated spongiotic dermatitis without evidence of viral cytopathic changes.’
    • ‘Incubation with virus was continued for 5 days or until a 100% cytopathic effect was observed.’
    • ‘The absence of cytopathic effect in majority of mosquito cell lines infected with arboviruses has limited the use of this cell system for primary isolation work.’
    • ‘Rare multinucleated giant cells with eosinophilic cytoplasmic inclusions surrounded by clear halos, characteristic of respiratory syncytial virus cytopathic effect, were seen on routine histologic sections.’
    • ‘The virus isolated in this investigation formed mixed cytopathic effects in tissue culture, which could have been mistaken for nonspecific cell-layer deterioration.’
    • ‘HBV is not cytopathic, and liver injury is caused by the host's immune response against infected hepatocytes.’
    • ‘Antiviral properties of the plant extracts were determined by cytopathic effect inhibition assay and virus yield reduction assay.’
    • ‘The inoculated cell cultures were incubated at 35C and observed daily for a week for cytopathic effect.’
    • ‘The viral cytopathic effect seen in tubular epithelium is helpful in establishing the diagnosis.’
    • ‘The histopathologic analysis did not identify the cytopathic effect of HPV infection in the positive tissue.’
    • ‘Polioviruses are non-enveloped, icosahedral RNA viruses which infect susceptible cells to result in a cytopathic effect, production of progeny virus and finally cellular death.’
    • ‘The culture supernatants, though produced cytopathic effect in various tissue cultures, failed to have any deleterious effect on the worms.’
    • ‘Several bullous mucosal lesions, devoid of typical viral cytopathic features, were present in a background of scant submucosal mononuclear inflammation.’
    • ‘These cell lines cannot be introduced for routine isolation of the virus as the method of cell propagation is very difficult and neither cytopathic effects nor cell death can be observed.’