Definition of cypripedium in US English:



  • An orchid of a genus which comprises the lady's slippers.

    Genus Cypripedium, family Orchidaceae

    • ‘They are similar to our native Ohio cypripediums and you may consider the paphiopedilums to be the tropical cousins to the cypripediums.’
    • ‘One of the most spectacular growing sites for cypripediums in the Minshan are Huanglong and Jiuzhaigou, which are both UNESCO World Nature Heritages and Biosphere reserves and of course national nature reserves.’
    • ‘Falling in love with hybrid cypripediums has been shown to be dangerous for your fiscal well-being.’
    • ‘But, given the cost of obtaining cypripediums, which will always be high for flowering size plants, I cannot recommend just dropping them into a hole in the ground and leaving things to nature.’
    • ‘In 1940 she acquired 25 hybrid cypripediums from England to save them from the war.’
    • ‘The cypripediums alone possess glutinous pollen grains, and with them the peculiar mechanical construction requisite to the accomplishment of fertilisation.’


Modern Latin, from Greek Kupris ‘Aphrodite’ + pedilon ‘slipper’.