Definition of cyprinid in English:



  • A fish of the minnow (or carp) family ("Cyprinidae")

    • ‘In lakes, similar cyprinids are abundant in the shallow littoral zone, even during storm conditions.’
    • ‘The Polish soldiers threw pieces of bread into the river and big schools of fish, probably some type of cyprinid, made the water look like it was boiling as they all rushed to grab a piece.’
    • ‘In addition to the normal spectrum perceived by most vertebrates, several shallow-water species are able to see ultraviolet light; others, such as anchovies, cyprinids, salmonids and cichlids, can even detect polarized light.’
    • ‘Fish prey guilds in streams in south-central Saskatchewan, Canada, are relatively simple systems, often consisting solely of cyprinids and sticklebacks.’
    • ‘If one were to include eleotrids, as some recommend, the gobies would rival the cyprinids as the largest fish family in the world.’


Late 19th century: from modern Latin Cyprinidae (plural), based on Greek kuprinos ‘carp’.