Definition of cymbidium in US English:



  • A tropical orchid with long, narrow leaves and arching stems bearing several flowers, growing chiefly as an epiphyte from Asia to Australasia and widely cultivated for boutonnières.

    Genus Cymbidium, family Orchidaceae

    • ‘The orchids that are most commonly available in garden centres are phalaenopsis (moth orchids), oncidiums, odontoglossums and cymbidiums, which should flower for weeks and perhaps months.’
    • ‘Cymbidiums and dendrobiums are epiphytes, as are most of the orchids that are commonly cultivated.’
    • ‘Ideal for the special personalised touch, this sculptural arrangement includes King Protea, a cymbidium orchid, zantedeschia and schwarzwalder.’
    • ‘The flowers on the cymbidium orchid last for five to seven weeks.’
    • ‘A square pewter container was next, containing black dogwood stems, large green chrysanthemums, white lilies, the palest green flowers surrounded by senecio and rosemary, and yellow cymbidium orchids cascading over the edge.’
    • ‘In frost-free areas, all cymbidiums can grow outdoors through winter.’
    • ‘If the natural light is good and draughts are not an issue, a few flowering plants will provide a splash of colour, including winter - flowering Cyclamen persicum, Indian azaleas and cymbidium orchids.’
    • ‘The traditional cymbidium orchids feature prominently among the entries together with many other orchid genera including Australian natives.’
    • ‘For something in bloom, choose a camellia, Christmas cactus, cymbidium, kalanchoe, or moth orchid.’
    • ‘For a cooler house or a conservatory, cymbidiums are an ideal choice.’


Modern Latin, from Greek kumbē ‘cup’.