Definition of cyma in English:



  • 1Architecture
    A cornice molding with an S-shaped cross section.

    Compare with ogee
    • ‘The building is noted for a beautiful Baroque doorway and the heads of the lions in the cymae of the windows.’
    • ‘This exceptional exhibition will cover the cymas of some of the most sumptuous halls in the Brukenthal Palace.’
    • ‘A fabulous range of broken cymae, painted with animated elements in different colours and drip-mouldings for channelling rain water, are displayed on the ground and first floors.’
    • ‘The ceiling is vaulted with wooden-cavetto and decorated with beads and cymas.’
  • 2Botany

    variant spelling of cyme


Mid 16th century: modern Latin, from Greek kuma ‘wave or wavy molding’.