Definition of cycling shorts in US English:

cycling shorts

plural noun

  • another term for bike shorts
    • ‘He has blue eyes, short dark hair and wore a black top and cycling shorts and carried a rucksack.’
    • ‘Have you ever gone in to a high-street shop wearing a pair of cycling shorts?’
    • ‘The first time I met him, he walked into the studio in his little cycling shorts and said: "Hi, I'm Robin," shook my hand and walked out again.’
    • ‘Not so long ago cycling shorts were high fashion as the courier look in the early '90's swept through New York City.’
    • ‘Looking stylish abroad is so important and there's no excuse to wear hideous clothing combinations like socks and sandals, saggy bikinis or cycling shorts on the beach.’
    • ‘When we talk about getting fit, we are not recommending you trade your beer and cigarettes in for a box of tofu and some spandex cycling shorts.’
    • ‘Most runners run in loose-fitting shorts made from synthetic fabrics or cycling shorts and cotton T-shirts.’
    • ‘I don't feel a lot of nostalgia for the year when everyone started wearing cycling shorts, kids were mugged for their Nike trainers, Rick Astley topped the charts, and the Royals cavorted on It's a Knockout.’
    • ‘Then as I started training, my sweat shirt was cast aside for a tank top and I traded in my track suit pants for cycling shorts.’
    • ‘It was what she called 'pedal pushers', and I assumed they were cycling shorts.’
    • ‘I was never one of those fanatics who bought all the correct cycling gear (although I did have a pair of rather fetching/revealing Lycra cycling shorts!)’
    • ‘She is wearing cycling shorts, a sports bra and an open track suit top.’


cycling shorts

/ˈsīk(ə)liNG ˌSHôrts/