Definition of cyclic GMP in US English:

cyclic GMP

(also cGMP)


  • A cyclic version of the nucleotide guanosine monophosphate. In cellular metabolism, it is a secondary messenger affecting cell growth and division.

    • ‘Guanylyl-cyclase activators are nitric oxide donors that increase cyclic GMP.’
    • ‘We thought we could more strongly apply the brake on hypertrophy in the heart if we used sildenafil to prevent the breakdown of cyclic GMP.’
    • ‘A second messenger of internal cellular communication - cyclic GMP, produced in response to nitric oxide - is a key regulator of vascular smooth muscle cell contractility, growth, and differentiation.’
    • ‘The carbon monoxide activates the enzyme guanylyl cyclase, as does nitric oxide, regulating the intracellular levels of the second messenger cyclic GMP, which in turn regulates cellular activity.’
    • ‘The resulting vasodilation has been potentially attributed to inhibition of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases, with resulting increases in intracellular levels of cyclic AMP and cyclic GMP accompanied by decreases in Ca.’