Definition of cycle of erosion in US English:

cycle of erosion


  • An idealized course of landscape evolution, passing from youthful stages, which are marked by steep gradients, to old age, when the landscape is reduced to a peneplain.

    • ‘In view of the geological cycles of erosion, subduction, and land uplift, this process could continue for a billion years with no appreciable reduction of the uranium concentration in seawater and hence no increase in extraction costs.’
    • ‘A two-stage cycle of erosion, sediment transport and deposition can explain both the long residence times, and the inverse relationship between sediment age and detrital white mica age.’
    • ‘Geomorphologists explained landscapes in terms of cycles of erosion and successions of erosion surfaces or partial erosion surfaces.’
    • ‘Monazite is therefore less likely than zircon to survive several cycles of erosion and deposition, and its age profile is likely to document the most recent thermal events in the source area.’