Definition of cyberterrorism in US English:



  • The politically motivated use of computers and information technology to cause severe disruption or widespread fear in society.

    ‘a bill that would make it easier for law enforcement to wiretap computers and combat cyberterrorism’
    • ‘Cybercrime and cyberterrorism are not coterminous.’
    • ‘People overplay the risks of cyberterrorism, but they underplay the risks of cybercrime.’
    • ‘Cybercrime and cyberterrorism enacted through the Internet is another dark side of the cyberworld that will increasingly command psychological attention.’
    • ‘Even as the risks of cyberterrorism are overstated and overhyped, the risks of cybercrime are downplayed and minimized.’
    • ‘The cyberterrorism that could shut down our computers and our communication networks and our transportation system and all that, is very real.’
    • ‘But increasingly there are more politically motivated hackers distancing themselves from cyberterrorism by engaging in hacktivism that is intent more upon disruption than disobedience.’
    • ‘Keeping this type of register is completely ineffective to fight computer fraud or cyberterrorism.’
    • ‘They're all hype; there's no real risk of cyberterrorism.’
    • ‘By all accounts, this was not an act of terrorism or cyberterrorism.’
    • ‘The Naval Postgraduate School has defined cyberterrorism as the unlawful destruction or disruption of digital property to intimidate or coerce people.’
    • ‘In an age of terrorism and cyberterrorism, who's going to be first to stumble on something of great strategic value hidden inside an otherwise benign-looking document?’
    • ‘Many security experts contend that weakened encryption would open the door for terrorists, allowing cyberterrorism to rule the day.’
    • ‘To my mind, this is corporate cyberterrorism, corporate cybertheft if you like, and it's as repugnant as an any malicious attack on a Web site.’
    • ‘But no guidelines exist to distinguish cyberterrorism from regular ‘corporate crime’ at the state, federal or international level.’
    • ‘This paper provides a thorough analysis of the mainstream media representation of hackers, hacking, hacktivism, and cyberterrorism.’
    • ‘We're entering a new frontier, where data protection, electronic communications such as email, and cybercrimes - including cyberterrorism - all intersect.’
    • ‘These articles admonish readers to keep their virus detectors and firewalls up-to-date to combat cyberterrorism, because we're going to see more Web defacements and viruses as parts of cyberterrorist attacks.’
    • ‘Predictive also has plenty to say about cyberterrorism and hactivist activity, which it argues has so far had minimal impact due to lack of organisation of and technology available to would-be cyber-criminals.’
    • ‘Let me ask you, first of all, about hacking and cyberterrorism.’
    • ‘Would you accept some form of mandatory online ID system if it meant an end to spam, kiddie-porn, credit-card fraud, cracking, denial of service attacks, viruses and cyberterrorism?’