Definition of cybersquatter in US English:



  • See cybersquatting

    • ‘This is very unusual - two large companies spitting over a URL, as opposed to one large company bullying a Web address from a smaller business, or wrenching a domain name from a cybersquatter.’
    • ‘In many cases, the domain name that has been reserved by the cybersquatter has already been trademarked or service marked by another organization.’
    • ‘Pharmaceutical companies in particular are concerned about protecting the names of drugs so they can't be used as domain names by cybersquatters.’
    • ‘Not many people feel sorry for cybersquatters losing the right to a domain name, but the issue needs to be faced: should there be a legitimate trade in domain names?’
    • ‘You've got to feel sorry for the once-proud cybersquatters who bought up huge numbers of domain names hoping to sell them off for a small fortune.’