Definition of cybershop in US English:


verbcybershopped, cybershops, cybershopping

[no object]often as noun cybershopping
  • Purchase or shop for goods and services on a website.

    • ‘Before you go cybershopping, have a few backup gift ideas in case you cannot easily find your first choice.’
    • ‘This section suggests how to protect your cards, explains what to do if any of your cards are lost or stolen, and covers billing errors and questionable charges, unauthorized charges, cybershopping, and signing up for a card registration service.’
    • ‘She discusses how making payments in cyberspace differs from making payments in the bricks-and-mortar world and describes the use of traditional payment methods for cybershopping.’
    • ‘While there are some pitfalls to cybershopping, it also offers many opportunities for learning about money management.’
    • ‘But, before making any purchases on the Internet, the Better Business Bureau system offers you the following tips to be aware of when cybershopping.’
    • ‘The elusive female market has been found and they're cybershopping for stuff they can hold in their hands.’
    • ‘Therefore, when cybershopping, take your time to look at a variety of sites to make sure you are getting the best bargain for your money.’
    • ‘You can go cybershopping and pay your bills through cyberbanking.’

nounPlural cybershops

  • A website that sells or provides information about retail goods or services.

    • ‘Many mom-and-pop cybershops are enjoying increasing sales, an expanded customer base or a profit despite the burst of the dotcom bubble.’
    • ‘The companies catching up with the ‘.com’ revolution have opened cybershops to reach new customers.’
    • ‘It will see information being shared over the network, at cybershops and in the form of digital cash.’
    • ‘Be it books, music, jewellery, clothing, electronic goods, rail or air tickets, if you have a credit card and access to an internet connection, you can buy from cybershops anywhere around the world, without actually having to visit those countries.’
    • ‘To this end, the cybershop concentrates much effort on building and maintaining customer relationships.’
    • ‘Now cybershops are looking for strategies that will keep their old and new customers coming back to buy from the Web site throughout the year.’
    • ‘In this field of rapid technological progress, cybershops cannot realistically build and operate the necessary functions by themselves.’
    • ‘Either way, though, these cybershops are doing us all a favour: Freecycle claims to be keeping 50 tons a day out of landfill sites.’
    • ‘PayPal is an Internet-based payment system run by EBay, enabling you to pay bills from the cybershop of SBB Historic directly on the Internet.’