Definition of cybernaut in English:



  • 1A person who uses the Internet.

    • ‘When his connection package arrived, the fledgling cybernaut followed the enclosed instructions to the letter - but to no avail.’
    • ‘Some cybernauts said they weren't even clear on Zhao's contribution, but were nonetheless indignant at attempts to sweep under the rug the death of a man who played such an important historical role.’
    • ‘Other news from Camp I, Vernon Tejas reports to all cybernauts out there that the team's pull through the Icefall yesterday was completed in a very timely fashion.’
    • ‘Now these grotesque, giant cybernauts shall come face to face with the steadfast resolve of this residual band.’
    • ‘Greetings cybernauts this is Vern Tejas with Alpine Ascents' 2003 Mt Everest ascent.’
    • ‘Hey there Mountain Zone cybernauts, this is Vern Tejas with Alpine Ascents Denali expedition known as Dalai Lamas.’
    1. 1.1A person who wears sensory devices in order to experience virtual reality.


1960s (in the senses ‘robot’ and ‘cyborg’): from cyber-, on the pattern of astronaut and aeronaut.