Definition of cybercrime in US English:



  • Criminal activities carried out by means of computers or the Internet.

    • ‘Government ministers want to extend efforts to combat cybercrime more internationally.’
    • ‘People overplay the risks of cyberterrorism, but they underplay the risks of cybercrime.’
    • ‘Since the Internet has become a part of daily life and business, rapid growth of such kinds of cybercrime as identity theft and phishing endanger the whole society.’
    • ‘What about the high-level internal misconduct and criminal activity, and the daily reality of cybercrime and business interruption?’
    • ‘One has to do with the confusion between cyberterrorism and cybercrime.’
    • ‘Eighty percent of all cybercrime is caused by corporate insiders, not outside script kiddies.’
    • ‘I'm happier if we can use our understanding of criminal mechanisms to prevent cybercrime, not just penalize wrongdoers after the fact.’
    • ‘Even as the risks of cyberterrorism are overstated and overhyped, the risks of cybercrime are downplayed and minimized.’
    • ‘They are underfunded and overstretched, and in charge from many things, from illegal immigrants to cybercrime to investigating corrupt politicians (the bulk of their jobs, they exist aplenty there).’
    • ‘The police want to catch criminals involved in cybercrime and prosecute them as a deterrent whereas firms hit by e-crime are principally interested in making sure it has a minimal impact on the businesses.’
    • ‘Denning is an expert and visionary in the fields of cybercrime, hacktivism, information warfare and security, and encryption.’
    • ‘A lack of concrete data about cybercrime is perceived as a key reason why the problem is given less attention than it merits.’
    • ‘India is to unleash a hit squad of teen hackers to fight cybercrime.’
    • ‘‘The Commission has its own proposals on cybercrime and there is no need for such email surveillance measures to be included,’ she said.’
    • ‘But under the banner of cybercrime, hackers have also been written into the definition of a terrorist.’
    • ‘On the positive side that can be to combat the offences of cybercrime, international fraud, racism and hate, child pornography.’
    • ‘The case came to light months after the Secret Service's Operation Firewall crackdown on cybercrime last October, in which 28 suspects were arrested.’
    • ‘Again, the main concerns are things like cybercrime and spam - none of these are to do with names and address.’
    • ‘And more than 60 per cent reckon that Internet consumers are not protected enough from cybercrime, and around the same number say they are less likely to do business on the Internet as a result of cybercrime.’
    • ‘Using case studies, they will outline how digital evidence is identified and handled, as well as new developments in digital theft, online scams and cybercrime.’