Definition of cuttle in US English:



  • A cuttlefish.

    • ‘I have never visited any country, anywhere in the world, where a piece of cuttle or squid is not a top bait.’
    • ‘Calamari, cob-fish, and mussel had intermediate concentrations, and sole, cuttle, frog-fish, scampi, and hen clam had the lowest concentrations.’
    • ‘The Chinese, remarking that ‘the cuttle has ink in its bosom’, have called it ‘the clerk of the god of the sea’.’
    • ‘Severn's boarding party found the Lilly L dredging for scallops - but when crew checked the fishing boat's hold, they discovered it had picked up illegal quantities of angler, cuttle and other fish.’
    • ‘But often a cocktail of mackerel strips combined with squid or cuttle will prove to be the ‘dish of the day’ as far as big ling are concerned.’


Old English cudele ‘cuttlefish’, of Germanic origin; related to codd ‘bag’, with reference to its ink bag.