Definition of cutscene in US English:



  • (in a video game) a scene that develops the story line and is often shown on completion of a certain level, or when the player's character dies.

    • ‘Apart from a few cutscenes, he really only interacts with the character via voicemail or text message, and never actually steps into the ring.’
    • ‘The game employs a mixture of comic-style cutscenes and CGI throughout the adventure.’
    • ‘Considering that you won't necessarily see exactly what these items are unless you get a cutscene for that player, there really is no point in buying these unless you're a fashion freak.’
    • ‘The cutscenes that introduce the storyline are stiff and really don't immerse you into the world that is being portrayed.’
    • ‘A weak point in the game's graphics comes in its cutscenes.’
    • ‘With a much more rounded cast of talking characters, the cutscenes now have more drive to them than the original and are pretty darn cool to watch.’
    • ‘Some of this also extends over to cutscenes, where characters typically move with a natural gait and rhythm.’
    • ‘There are beautiful cinematic cutscenes and the character animations are well done.’
    • ‘Sometimes these activities involve keys and consoles, other times it's simply a matter of coming across a set point in the level that triggers a cutscene, allowing the characters and story to move forward.’
    • ‘When a new cutscene starts, the player just wants to skip them to get back to the game, not sit back for half an hour.’
    • ‘A large amount of the cutscenes, close-ups and 3D models of main characters have a very obvious anime influence.’
    • ‘All cutscenes are real-time and benefit from commendable direction and camerawork.’
    • ‘Instead, the cutscenes are handled through the actions and expressions of the characters.’
    • ‘The opening cutscene is indication enough that graphics aren't the game's strong point.’
    • ‘Large and detailed, the main characters are beautifully drawn, whether it's a cutscene or actual gameplay.’
    • ‘The speech occasionally stutters, and skipping a cutscene will bring you to a load screen while the data streams.’
    • ‘Most of the cutscenes are handled with the in-game engine but character movements are often jerky.’
    • ‘Some of the cutscenes are long, filled with lots of background information and dialogue but if you skip them you'll miss some of the fun.’
    • ‘Levels and characters are combined into lengthy cutscenes that play out well and help to maintain the overall humorous feel of the game.’
    • ‘The cutscenes have been completely re-done and look fantastic, with some good comic characterisation in the animation.’