Definition of cutin in US English:



  • A waxy, water-repellent substance occurring in the cuticle of plants and consisting of highly polymerized esters of fatty acids.

    • ‘They oxidize diverse substrates such as membrane sterols, lignin, and cutin as well as hormones.’
    • ‘The cuticle of terrestrial vascular plants and some bryophytes consists mainly of two hydrophobic components, the biopolymer cutin and a mixture of lipids, which are usually called ‘waxes’.’
    • ‘The inner layer, being concealed against adhesive sampling, must be located within the mechanically resistant polymer matrix of cutin and can, hence, be interpreted as intracuticular wax.’
    • ‘Cell walls resistant to acid digestion were considered to contain cutin.’
    • ‘The outside layer, or bloom, consists of wax plates and cutin, both of which resist water diffusion and hence water loss from the berry.’


Mid 19th century: from cutis + -in.