Definition of cuticular in US English:



  • See cuticle

    • ‘There are, however, significant relationships between cuticular water permeance and cuticular transport parameters determined for solutes.’
    • ‘In the present investigation, the focus was on how cuticular wax composition is correlated with unbiased cuticular water-barrier properties.’
    • ‘This constitutes the only cuticular sculpture in this region.’
    • ‘A sensory cell with or without cilium is associated with each cuticular spine, seta, and gland cell of the trunk.’
    • ‘Only in these three groups do the jaw elements have cuticular rods with osmiophilic cores.’
    • ‘Here, we have used a character unlikely to be subject to such change, the intense cuticular sculpture of tubercles.’
    • ‘For lipophilic compounds, it was shown that cuticular waxes form the transport-limiting barrier of cuticular membranes.’
    • ‘Pupae were more susceptible than larvae and the activity of the toxin might have been through cuticular absorption.’
    • ‘In the past it was shown with isolated Citrus aurantium L. cuticles that cuticular transpiration strongly increased with increasing temperatures.’
    • ‘Cuticular matrix isolated from the astomatous cuticular membrane of a H. helix leaf.’
    • ‘An efferent cuticular tubule, or duct, leads out of the end of the vesicle towards the center of the secretory lobe.’
    • ‘A portion of plant cuticular waxes is located outside the cuticular matrix and, hence, is exposed on the immediate surface of the plant.’
    • ‘There was some restoration of cuticular structures, including ventral denticles (arrow).’
    • ‘Vegetative features such as wood anatomy and cuticular structure also favor the initial assignment to the genus Ilex.’
    • ‘Savazzi expanded this definition of cuticular terraces to include any cuticular structure that would increase friction with the substrate.’
    • ‘The cuticle proper was more osmophilic than the cuticular layer.’
    • ‘On the ventral side of each segment are denticle belts and other cuticular structures characteristic of each segment.’
    • ‘This finding sheds new light on a recent study on cuticular properties of vascular epiphytes.’
    • ‘In the three species, the outer cell wall of the colleters has an lamellar layer, a cuticular membrane and cuticle proper.’
    • ‘The dorsal conic spine-like structures could be a homology of cuticular spicules of polyplacophorans and aplacophorans.’