Definition of cuteness in US English:



  • 1The quality of being attractive in a pretty or endearing way.

    ‘the innocence, exuberance, and overall cuteness of all these children’
    • ‘Movies about children always run the risk of cuteness, because kids often play to the camera with little self-consciousness.’
    • ‘No one can accuse him of having cast these kids for their cuteness of speech or appearance.’
    • ‘The show rode solely on the shoulders of its child star's indomitable cuteness.’
    • ‘The young actress, as the kidnapped girl, has an endearing mix of cuteness and sincerity.’
    • ‘There is no 'quirky' suburban cuteness here.’
    • ‘The studio couldn't possibly have further ratcheted up the cuteness level of the movie.’
    • ‘I love everything about them: their cuteness, their innocence, their clothes.’
    • ‘The dog is cute, but the film relies rather too heavily on his cuteness.’
    • ‘For all its cuteness, this is definitely not a comic for children.’
    • ‘In place of a legitimate storyline, the picture relies on the cuteness of its pint-sized stars and the charisma of its star to carry the movie.’
    1. 1.1North American informal The quality of being sexually attractive.
      ‘this actress has cuteness written all over her face’
      • ‘Her direct, active and assertive engagement with the camera was shocking in a land where schoolgirlish giggling and "cuteness" were considered most arousing to men of all ages.’
      • ‘The musician was "a geek you could get wasted with, a shy guy whose cuteness cried out for mothering, an arty weirdo with a common touch."’
      • ‘Interestingly, most of the chat room discussions focus on his cuteness, and most of the Web sites focus on her sexuality.’
      • ‘Her overbearing cuteness both charms and annoys her friends.’
      • ‘The band's cuteness factor is off the charts, but it feels sort of self-designed, unoriginal and lame.’
      • ‘Able to use their cuteness to their advantage, they had the crowd eating out of their hands.’
      • ‘I saw him as the emcee in Cabaret, and not only does he have cuteness and comic timing going for him, but his German accent is very sophisticated.’
      • ‘The artist's first American show plumbed the art world's bottomless fascination with cuteness, female sexuality and Freud.’
      • ‘Don't act like your scene lacks a contingent of people barely into music, who instead relish a band's "hotness" or "cuteness."’
      • ‘This is no novelty act, playing half-assed rock and getting by on cuteness alone.’