Definition of cutaway in US English:



  • 1A coat or jacket with the front cut away below the waist so as to curve back to the tails.

    • ‘If wearing a cutaway suit or stroller (semi-formal suit jacket), wear black pants without the satin stripe going down the sides, or even gray or gray and black pinstriped pants.’
    • ‘The lights go down, the curtain comes up and we're back in variety, all caked panstick, female dancers in fishnet tights and cutaway tunics, high kicks, sequins and sparkles.’
    • ‘You can also choose a cutaway jacket, which is usually worn with a morning suit or a standard tuxedo.’
    • ‘Gavin Lawrence as the Interlocutor in The Last Minstrel Show is sleek, sly, and not at all reassuring in his oversized cutaway coat, pin-striped pants, white spats, and Cheshire grin.’
    • ‘A morning or daytime wedding can call for a gray morning suit cutaway (morning coat that is short in front and long in back) with a striped tie.’
    • ‘Its length was shortened, then its skirts were fastened back, then it became cutaway at the front; it grew a collar and sprouted epaulettes.’
    • ‘There was the disco fabulousness of Benny, Bjorn, Agnetha and Frida, resplendent in their white suits, pearlescent eye-shadow and cutaway catsuits.’
    • ‘Over in Paris, at Dior, Silmane, fresh with the authority of youth, shows jackets swept back over the hips like cutaways.’
  • 2A diagram or drawing with some external parts left out to reveal the interior.

    • ‘Titled Mining on the Comstock, it shows a cluster of industrial buildings and, beneath them, a cutaway view of a multistory mine.’
    • ‘His drawings feature annotated cutaways of fierce reptilian creatures revealing inner organs that serve various destructive purposes.’
    • ‘Below, a cutaway drawing shows the motor mechanism.’
    • ‘We've probably all seen pictures of cutaway barrels that are packed solid and I've even seen a long .38 barrel with seven or eight bullets - indicating the shooter reloaded and kept going.’
    • ‘In addition, the book includes a two-page cutaway drawing of the Sabre and a page of specifications and performance notes.’
    • ‘All those cutaway views of cell structures are so much more vivid when represented in a realistic three dimensional view.’
    • ‘A cutaway look at the seating layout which has 36 variations’
    • ‘The white lines also suggest eccentrically arranged floors and walls, as if the painting were a cutaway view of a multistory house.’
    • ‘In a cutaway view of a cartridge case, we can see that the bottom of the primer pocket is quite thin compared to the rest of the base.’
    • ‘As this cutaway shows, feed water comes in from the upper left, travels through the outlet heat exchanger, and across to the exhaust gas heat exchanger.’
    • ‘I read this book over and over, and there is one beautiful cutaway picture of a cell, beautifully airbrushed in bright colors.’
    • ‘Figure 6 shows examples of both a complete concretion and a polished cutaway section that shows the radial structure and dark center.’
    • ‘It will have a cutaway section so you can see how the crater was originally shaped because it's got a lot of silt and infill in it - 50,000 years is a long time.’
    • ‘A model of Le Surcouf, built in 1954, offers a cutaway view of a submarine active in World War fi that identifies the various operating systems, weaponry, and interior compartments.’
    • ‘World-renowned technical artist David Kimble was hired to chronicle development of both the Intrepid racecar and its mighty 5.9L engine, for a series of cutaway illustrations.’
    • ‘Measure and Cut Framework: Cut the 2x4 frame for under the stringers as show in this exploded cutaway view.’
    • ‘While it used to take several seconds to generate a single cutaway view in a complex freeform model, you can now view them just about instantly by dynamically scrolling and rotating a plane forward and backward through an object.’
    • ‘As a ten-year-old, he remembers seeing a book with cutaway diagrams of the earth, and wondering, ‘how do they know that?’’
    • ‘All my life I've pored over books, studying cutaway diagrams, hungry to understand how things worked.’
    • ‘The cornerstone of any Salamander book, however, is the illustrations - both the pictures of aircraft types and the excellent cutaway drawings.’
  • 3A shot in a movie that is of a different subject from those to which it is joined in editing.

    • ‘We had to shoot that sequence in several parts with cutaway shots in between.’
    • ‘An average director would have to punctuate this scene with music or a cutaway or anything to distract us from the stark image.’
    • ‘With the exception of the beginning sequence and a cutaway shot to the highways flowing smoothly at night, virtually every scene has one of the two men in it.’
    • ‘Mangold offers a series of cutaways in a revelatory montage near the end in attempts to justify what we've seen up to that point.’
    • ‘The Sea Venture saltwater fly reels have a cutaway cage and spool machined from premium quality aluminium bar stock.’
    • ‘Then a cutaway found the reporters, without scripts, perched on high stools in the weather studio.’
    • ‘CBS was the last network to allow cutaway pictures to cover edits in interviews.’
    • ‘The lavish first scenes of popular television dramas such as CSI, meant to hook the viewer early, and the quick cutaways and montage techniques of reality TV, are all responses to the power of the remote control.’
    • ‘When asking us to consider our perceptions, De Heer is most effective with his use of cutaways to aboriginal paintings to depict scenes of violence.’
    • ‘These amazing sequences appear to be a seamless combination of miniature sets, superimposed floodwaters, and cutaways to stuntmen floundering on the backlot under a rushing wall of water at least nine feet high.’
    • ‘So, if the journalists want to break the rules, if the networks want to do the cutaway shots, they're not supposed to do, he's not going to stop them.’
    • ‘And though Corpses is shot very, very stylistically, full of rapid-fire cutaways and over-the-top art direction.’
    • ‘The cast performs the majority of their own stunts, resulting in some long and impressive fight scenes with few cutaways.’
    • ‘The networks were right to disregard the campaigns' ban on cutaways and reaction shots.’
    • ‘Often - seven times in this sequence - a cutaway shot is used to depict Malcolm's face as seen over Cole's shoulder.’
    • ‘Superimposed over his view was a red-lined cutaway shot of the hotel, showing the elevator he was in and a stationary blinking dot that was his prey, namely that traitor Dodger.’
    • ‘The segues and cutaways from scene to scene make the story flow as it never quite does in any other medium.’
    • ‘However, although she does not articulate her feelings, Leigh uses cutaway shots of her to comment on others’ attitudes.’
    • ‘In a cutaway shot more noodles are being prepared.’
    • ‘At another moment, there is a cutaway to footage from Victory at Sea.’
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