Definition of cut someone out in US English:

cut someone out

phrasal verb

  • Exclude someone.

    ‘his mother cut him out of her will’
    • ‘I do believe it because I think people are upset that he was cut out of that opportunity.’
    • ‘In fact, leverage is the weapon we will use against the infidels, including Hollywood studio moguls who might try to cut us out of the action.’
    • ‘Relationships between them are frosty, Morton claiming she was cut out of the promotional loop when they returned from America.’
    • ‘As you know, he's taken some lumps over the fact that he was cut out of that filibuster deal.’
    • ‘This photo may undercut her assertion that she was cut out of the loop.’
    • ‘He refused to provide his name but reassured me that Lara had been cut out of the film.’
    • ‘You can thank the Founding Fathers and their accursed, anti-democratic Electoral College system for cutting you out of the action.’
    • ‘Wang Din-shin asks the court to recognise a will written in 1968 naming him as sole executor and beneficiary, and cutting Nina out of the estate entirely.’
    • ‘Guys, I guess that, in the end, this cuts us out of the equation.’
    • ‘We had a good relationship, but since the break-up she has become very bitter, and she has decided to cut us out of her life.’
    exclude, leave out, omit, eliminate
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