Definition of cut no ice in US English:

cut no ice


  • Have no influence or effect.

    ‘your holier-than-thou attitude cuts no ice with me’
    • ‘The comment was made repeatedly how highly the existing staff were thought of but, unfortunately, this cuts no ice with the Post Office bosses who are determined to pursue the sell-off.’
    • ‘The perception among many spectators that this year's Open has been a bit flat, lacking the vitality of its modern-day equivalents, cuts no ice with the man who will not have a bad word said about his favourite event.’
    • ‘But this cut no ice with the Fianna Fáil benches.’
    • ‘All this rubbish about human relationships cuts no ice with me.’
    • ‘Reason cuts no ice; economic theory is dismissed; and contrary evidence is ignored.’
    • ‘It cuts no ice with the American policy planners that India has a command and control system more dependable than that of Pakistan.’
    • ‘Now recognition has dawned that this view cuts no ice in London or Paris.’
    • ‘My Mum loved him and his rocking chair, and he blighted several hundred of my early Saturday evenings as a child, but that cuts no ice with me!’
    • ‘The burden of expectation may be called as a witness, but that really cuts no ice: if a team wants to go places it has to contend and compete.’
    • ‘Sheer bulk which sorts out the lifters from the shifters cuts no ice on stage.’