Definition of cut and paste in US English:

cut and paste


  • A process in which text or other data is moved from one part of a document and inserted elsewhere.

    • ‘I even have a reply which I cut and paste to people.’
    • ‘Imagine if I'd told him that an axe and wallpaper paste was the best way to perform a cut and paste!’
    • ‘Then send me an e-mail with a link to your blog entry or cut and paste of your write-up (for non-bloggers).’
    • ‘Moreover, it should support copy, cut and paste, undo and redo.’
    • ‘Try keeping an online journal (write it up offline and then cut and paste, since your online access is limited).’
    • ‘So, now, all the people reading the story will simply cut and paste or simply type the URL into their browser window - making the whole point of the ban entirely meaningless.’
    • ‘The interesting thing for us was the amount of plagiarism between the news sites, there were several errors that got propagated by cut and paste.’
    • ‘This makes signatures and encryption in plain text, so it is easy to mail, print and cut and paste.’
    • ‘I've been blogging since April 2004, the earlier entries on my blog being cut and paste from long emails I sent to my friends.’
    • ‘Alternatively, cut and paste text into your word-processing software and print from there.’


[with object]
  • Move (text or other data) using cut and paste.

    • ‘I'm happy to talk, but you have to show your face, not just regurgitate something you cut and pasted from some source.’
    • ‘The letter was cut and pasted directly from the email.’
    • ‘This is actually kind of ironic since I first read it in the print edition but cut and pasted the text from the online edition.’
    • ‘Remember when e-mailed URLs had to be cut and pasted into a Web browser?’
    • ‘The above is cut and pasted from the story as it presently stands.’


cut and paste

/ˌkət ən ˈpāst/