Definition of curtly in US English:



  • See curt

    • ‘Finally, with help from his press handlers, the First Minister escaped, waving curtly to his pursuer as the doors closed.’
    • ‘After waiting just long enough to make him nervous, she nodded curtly.’
    • ‘I was shown into one of these and curtly introduced to the masseur, a man lavishly oiling his hands over a masseur's bench.’
    • ‘I replied, somewhat curtly, stopping sipping to accentuate my heartfelt disappointment.’
    • ‘Ed laughed modestly, waved curtly, turned and exited towards a small blue door under the adjacent stands.’
    • ‘Many of the people I address in Portuguese curtly respond in French.’
    • ‘When he wanted to instigate a debate at the first session of the town council following the murder, his request was curtly rejected curtly.’
    • ‘A notice from Verizon underneath the eviction threats curtly informed her that it had been that way for at least a year.’
    • ‘Tarynn replied curtly, knowing full well that his companion would pick up the topic again until he did do something.’
    • ‘Clifford hastily rang the owner, who curtly told him that he had the legal papers in front of him, and all he had to do to sell the painting was sign them.’
    • ‘He waits until you speak to him, so that he can respond as curtly and bluntly as possible.’
    • ‘‘That's quite enough,’ the Lady suddenly said curtly, her voice as hard as steel.’
    • ‘This version curtly peels off the romantic excesses of the past and puts it firmly in the classic camp.’
    • ‘He replied curtly as we questioned him on his current drinking habits.’
    • ‘She arrived at her aimed destination and knocked curtly at the door.’
    • ‘She nodded curtly at his comment but it did not penetrate her mind.’
    • ‘He also curtly warned the Prime Minister not to look to another relaunch for the party.’
    • ‘Most accept Westerners though at peak times they're inclined to shoo you away curtly.’
    • ‘King Thomas looked out at the resentful nobles, nodded once curtly, and strode out without another word.’
    • ‘Any suggestion the couple had led separate lives was curtly dismissed as ‘complete and utter nonsense’.’