Definition of curtailment in US English:



  • The action or fact of reducing or restricting something.

    ‘the curtailment of human rights’
    • ‘Passengers are annoyed that no notices have been put up at the main bus stop to advise them of the proposed curtailments.’
    • ‘Behaviors such as recycling need to be sustained over long periods of time, and the curtailment of environmentally harmful actions is also important.’
    • ‘They leave behind deepening concerns for the health service, renewed fury at the condition of the country's schools, outrage at curtailments on freedom of information and ambivalence over the position on Iraq.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the Health Service Executive denied last night recent reports that patients in Kerry will suffer following the curtailment of an angiography service.’
    • ‘The demand comes in the light of the 200 job cuts announced by the Western Health Board last week and the continuing curtailment of expenditure across a range of services.’
    • ‘Despite its flight curtailments at Heathrow, it reported a pre-tax profit of £115m in the first quarter of the current financial year.’
    • ‘Town councillors at Marlborough have expressed their opposition to any curtailment or reduction in ambulance services in the town.’
    • ‘The Washington Post spoke for the liberal establishment in a September 14 editorial calling for the curtailment of democratic and civil rights.’
    • ‘The trend, growing over the years, toward a curtailment or studied regulation of night-time recreation, is likely only to become more pronounced.’
    • ‘The chairman ruled out any curtailment of the build-up of the fund to boost capital spending in the coming years in order to divert cash to capital projects.’
    • ‘September 11 th has brought mostly unpleasant changes, including curtailment of civil liberties and threatened perpetual war.’
    • ‘Customers are asked by Kerry County Council to please use water sparingly, to check for leaks or wastage in their supply systems, to avoid watering lawns, washing cars etc, and to expect curtailments on the supplies, particularly at night’
    • ‘There are plenty of practical ideas, all curtailments of our liberty, which might indeed now need to be introduced - such as greater powers for the police to arrest suspects for questioning, deportations and possibly internment.’
    • ‘‘The curtailment of foot patrols along rivers was availed of by some individuals to engage in illegal activity,’ he said.’
    • ‘He said that the proposed limitation period reduction from three years to one year again was also unfair as it represented a curtailment of the personal right of citizens.’
    • ‘He said the railways was also suffering losses due to curtailment of goods train services as the Ludhiana-Jakhal-Delhi section could take a limited load of passenger and goods trains.’
    • ‘But let's introduce a drastic curtailment of take-away liquor sales, particular on those days of the week when welfare payments are freshly available.’
    • ‘We have since seen even more curtailments to what constitutes legal protest.’
    • ‘However a spokesperson for An Post argued: ‘There is a not a recruitment ban, rather a curtailment on recruitment.’’
    • ‘Socialism, real socialism, as argued by the Old Lion, would bring with it an expansion and deepening of democracy, not its curtailment or abolition.’
    reduction, cut, cutback, decrease, lessening, diminution, retrenchment, shrinkage
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