Definition of curry plant in US English:

curry plant


  • A small shrubby plant of the daisy family, which has narrow silver-gray leaves and small yellow flowers and emits a strong smell of curry.

    Helichrysum angustifolium, family Compositae

    • ‘I have a special liking for Helichrysum splendidum, also known as the curry plant.’
    • ‘Turn right, then left, and you come upon the herb garden, where everything from curry plant to St John's Wort to witch hazel grows on graves enclosed by a hedge.’
    • ‘Not all herbs smell good - catmint, curry plant, pyrethrum, rue, santolina and tansy are all pretty pongy, ranging from slightly musty to downright disgusting.’
    • ‘It is with the life - cycle of the mango and curry plants I learn to better appreciate the rhythms of Life and Death.’
    • ‘The most commonly grown curry plant is the Helichrysum angustifolium, whose silvery-grey foliage provides the perfect foil for cottage garden plants.’
    • ‘For the container shown at right, Cushman chose a snowy, all-white scheme: flowering kale, pansies, violas, variegated ivy, and the light green foliage of curry plant (Holichrysum italicum.)’