Definition of currant gall in US English:

currant gall


  • A spherical red or purple gall that forms on the leaves or male catkins of oak trees in response to the developing larva of a gall wasp. It results from eggs laid in the spring and alternates with the spangle gall.

    The wasp is Neuroterus quercusbaccarum, family Cynipidae

    • ‘Common insects include the San Jose scale, currant borer, and black currant gall mite.’
    • ‘The black currant gall mites are the small white worm-like creatures between the bud tissues.’
    • ‘Look up oak apples, marble galls, currant galls etc. in an insect book - there are over 20 types on oak alone.’
    • ‘The wasps appear in April and attack the catkins or leaves, producing the summer currant galls.’
    • ‘The effect of this compound on the black currant gall mite and the fungi most common on currants was therefore investigated.’