Definition of curd cheese in US English:

curd cheese


  • A mild, soft, smooth cheese made from skimmed milk curd.

    • ‘Their speciality is creamy, full-flavoured brine-washed cow's milk, Criffel and fresh ricotta, a simple curd cheese.’
    • ‘Those squares of crumbly, white curd cheese served with your Greek Salad, or as part of the mezzo generously supplied with the ouzo in Greece may not have been the real thing in the past.’
    • ‘Examples featured apricot chutney and triple curd cheese but, at £7.50, they were beyond our budget.’
    • ‘A traditional English curd cheese with added organic ingredients such as apricots, roasted seeds or garlic is also being tried as well as a Sheffield version of Brie.’
    • ‘Salami, curd cheese, eggs, porridge and bread are combined with any supper left over from the evening before.’
    • ‘The milk of goats and sheep was made into curd cheese and sometimes flavoured with poppy seeds.’
    • ‘Papas chorreadas (literally ‘poured-upon potatoes’) are dishes in which boiled potatoes are smothered by a sauce, e.g. tomato, cheese, and coriander or spring onion and curd cheese.’
    • ‘It is similar to what is called faisselle elsewhere in France, an unsalted soft curd cheese sold in a double container: the inner container holds the cheese and has holes in it, so that the whey can drain out into the outer container.’
    • ‘When they were ready, I ate them, warm and wrapped around curd cheese and fresh herbs.’
    • ‘It is a washed curd cheese with a mellow taste that's suitable for any time of the day and is available at the farm gate or through Carlow Farmers' Market.’
    • ‘Milk, butter, sour cream, and curd cheese were traditionally highly prized additions to the diet.’


curd cheese

/ˈkərd ˌCHēz//ˈkərd ˌtʃiz/