Definition of curable in US English:



  • 1(of a disease or condition) able to be cured.

    ‘most skin cancers are completely curable’
    • ‘There are human conflicts, but they are by their nature curable, because there's always a higher principle, lurking in the background.’
    • ‘The utility of predictive genetic testing declines when a disease is curable.’
    • ‘Some things in this world just aren't curable, by any means.’
    • ‘I actually think that middle of the road taste is curable.’
    • ‘Now the illness is curable with a six-month course of antibiotics.’
    • ‘If the critical point is late, as in endometrial cancer, screening is unnecessary because the disease is curable even when it presents with clinical symptoms.’
    • ‘While the patient's condition is not curable, providing oxygen can relieve the patient's subjective feeling of suffocation caused by decreased levels of oxygen in the blood.’
    • ‘And it is curable and has been curable since 1948.’
    • ‘People suffer with them all their lives and it's one of the most curable disorders that we face.’
    • ‘If it is curable, what is the proper treatment of it?’
    • ‘All in all, monolingualism is a curable disease.’
    • ‘That limbo was fertile ground for creating a ‘state of moral schizophrenia’ which turned out to be more of a mental block than a curable condition.’
    • ‘By delaying conventional treatment, a curable condition could progress to an incurable stage.’
    • ‘When you read on, however, it becomes clear that there is only a very small number of such curable conditions and that the great effort of this work will have precious little return, numerically speaking.’
    • ‘While some of these disorders are curable, chronic renal disease usually isn't.’
    • ‘Although my disorder isn't curable, it is manageable.’
    • ‘But this applies to the basics of health - clean water, control of infectious diseases, curing the curable.’
    • ‘I mean, the good news remains that early detection is very important, because they're so curable if we catch it early on.’
    • ‘The disease is eminently curable with the modern antitubercular cliemotherapeutic drugs with surgery playing a role in the background only.’
    • ‘If only every problem was curable with a Q-tip and glass cleaner.’
    remediable, treatable, medicable, operable, responsive to treatment
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    1. 1.1 (of plastic, varnish, etc.) able to be hardened by some additive or other agent.
      ‘a radiation-curable coating’
      • ‘The bond systems of the invention are generally made by combining at least a curable binder precursor with hard, inorganic particulates.’
      • ‘However, the key to the new system has been the next generation of UV curable resins.’
      • ‘Printing inks have also embraced radiation curable and water-borne technology.’
      • ‘A UV curable primer and clear topcoat, which use a hybrid cure mechanism for enhanced performance, have been developed.’
      • ‘For demonstration purposes, we filled the sag area with a UV curable prepolymer.’
      • ‘By design, radiation curable coatings, inks, and adhesives are sensitive to UV radiation.’
      • ‘A lithography process for creating patterns in an activating light curable liquid using electric fields followed by curing of the activating light curable liquid is described.’
      • ‘The present invention is directed to a curable, water-based coating composition utilized in waterborne coating systems such as a waterborne primer system.’


Late Middle English: from Old French, or from late Latin curabilis, from Latin curare (see cure).