Definition of Cupid in US English:


proper noun

Roman Mythology
  • 1The god of love. He is represented as a naked winged boy with a bow and arrows, with which he wounds his victims.

    Greek equivalent Eros
    1. 1.1also cupidas noun A representation of a naked winged child, typically carrying a bow.
      • ‘Behind the couples, a cupid brings new arrivals, while under the trees at right, other couples sing to the accompaniment of a recorder or oboe.’
      • ‘It's a bit rich that you're the one to play cupid when your own love life seems to be non-existent.’
      • ‘I like you together and I think of my self as cupid since I did put you two together.’
      • ‘He led her to a painting of a naked cupid and Venus.’
      • ‘A guest at a ball, in conversation, repeats the pointing gesture of the cupid in the painting behind her.’


From Latin Cupido, personification of cupido ‘love, desire’, from cupere ‘to desire’.