Definition of cuneate in US English:



Anatomy Botany
  • Wedge-shaped.

    • ‘The more lateral cuneate nucleus has a wider fringe of fibers at this level - the cuneate fasciculus.’
    • ‘Many Devonian species differ from Early Carboniferous species in having quadrate rather than cuneate brachials and in having straight-sided rather than zigzag arms.’
    • ‘On each side of the posterior median sulcus are two longitudinally running fasciculi, the gracile and cuneate, separated by the shallow posterior intermediate sulcus.’
    • ‘The cuneate fasciculus covers its nucleus and occupies the area immediately lateral to the gracile fasciculus.’
    • ‘These specimens confirm that the arms remain cuneate distally up to the point where they are reflexed downward around the calyx, at which point they become biserial.’


Early 19th century: from Latin cuneus ‘wedge’ + -ate.