Definition of cumulative voting in US English:

cumulative voting


  • A system of voting in an election in which each voter is allowed as many votes as there are candidates and may give all to one candidate or varying numbers to several.

    • ‘Just giving voters cumulative voting rights (where they can get all their votes to one candidate in a multi-member district) is the easiest way to get PR.’
    • ‘Illinois at the time operated under a unique system of electing its representatives, called cumulative voting.’
    • ‘The essence of cumulative voting is that, on the election of the directors, each voting share is allocated a number of votes equivalent to the number of directors to be elected.’
    • ‘And then, when we saw the recent controversy, it wasn't jury nullification or even cumulative voting that got him in trouble.’
    • ‘There's cumulative voting, in which you cast multiple votes, choosing either to divide them among different candidates or pile them all on one name.’


cumulative voting

/ˌkyo͞omyəˌlādiv ˈvōdiNG/