Definition of cumec in US English:



  • A unit of flow equal to one cubic meter of water per second.

    ‘minimum flows proposed would vary seasonally between 80 cumecs in winter and 140 cumecs in summer’
    • ‘The question to answer is: Was there a modelling scenario of a release of 52 cumecs, in the space of 12 hours, or a scenario of the effect of 37 cumecs being released in one instance, on January 4, 2003?’
    • ‘I do not believe, and I do not think anyone on the select committee believed, that 15 cumecs of water would cause it to lose its ability to generate electricity for the rest of New Zealand.’
    • ‘It does not say that the board must take an all-or-nothing approach, that it must give the whole 15 cumecs to the irrigators, or none of it.’
    • ‘We should be concerned for the safety of the elderly and invalids in the event that this new river is ever operated at its stated capacity of 215 cumecs.’
    • ‘We are talking about a river that has a mean annual flow of about 340 cumecs.’


1950s: from cu bic m etres per s ec ond.