Definition of cubic zirconia in US English:

cubic zirconia


  • A colorless form of zirconia that is very similar to diamond in refractivity and appearance.

    • ‘Quickly he pulled out a magnetic pin about the size of the cubic zirconia jewels on my fingernails.’
    • ‘Perhaps cubic zirconia is the rational man's choice, although I'd check with the intended before you spring it on her.’
    • ‘If anyone asks, they're both just made out of humble little cubic zirconias.’
    • ‘Convincing everyone in the room that you're wearing a diamond when in reality it's a cubic zirconia IS fun, but it still doesn't beat a good, hard, quality rock.’
    • ‘To be fair, Pollard clearly strives to craft perfect pop songs, but is simply too restless or careless to separate the diamonds from the cubic zirconias.’
    • ‘As someone I used to know once said, ‘Some days are diamonds, and others are cubic zirconia.’’
    • ‘Then see how cute the little playground mauler looks with a pair of cubic zirconia clip-ons.’
    • ‘It was a sterling silver star, with a clear gem in the centre… cubic zirconia, I thought.’
    • ‘The magazine advertised a limited edition cubic zirconia butterfly necklace, with the proceeds benefiting California Wildfire ReLeaf.’
    • ‘We have heard of genuine naugahyde, genuine cubic zirconia and even genuine plastic.’
    • ‘The studs were cubic zirconia or some faux stone.’
    • ‘Another guy said he could have had all those diamonds extracted and replaced with cubic zirconias in a matter of hours.’
    • ‘I would never degrade myself so much as to compete for a crown made out of cubic zirconia.’
    • ‘Since I can't tell cubic zirconia from diamonds I avoided the jewelry shops, although there were plenty of reputable places listed in the book that I could have visited.’
    • ‘This is a man-made stone that sparkles more than diamonds, unlike cubic zirconia, which is obviously fake.’
    • ‘Francois saw him as a bacteria, a street rat… cubic zirconia in our world of diamonds.’
    • ‘Choose any colored cubic zirconia stone and give it to her when you're ready for a night of passion.’
    • ‘He'd said that cubic zirconia was just as pretty as a diamond and that he would eventually replace it with the real thing after they were married.’
    • ‘The sterling silver and three-carat cubic zirconia replica goes on sale at ASDA's 196 stores on Apr. 8, the day of the royal wedding.’
    • ‘Get her a one hundred percent genuine tetrahedric zirconia - for when cubic zirconias don't make you look quite as cheap as you know you are!’