Definition of CT scanner in US English:

CT scanner


  • See CT scan

    • ‘In York a second CT scanner will allow more scans to be carried out while planned improvements to endoscopy tests examining the inside of the body are being implemented to speed up diagnoses.’
    • ‘For this study an industrial CT scanner was used allowing for much higher resolution than conventional medical CT devices.’
    • ‘A private Port-au-Prince hospital received its first CT scanner in 1995.’
    • ‘The Friends of Trowbridge Hospital started an appeal nearly two years ago to raise money for a mobile CT scanner, but the Bath Health Authority announced it had secured funding for new equipment at the Royal United Hospital in January.’
    • ‘The centre will also have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, including an MRI and CT scanner and endoscopy equipment, which will benefit more than 14,000 patients a year.’
    • ‘The establishment of a CT scanner and renal services at Daisy Hill has cemented its position as one of the leading hospitals in the country and a major provider of acute services.’
    • ‘Producing a three-dimensional image requires repeating the process at different angles, like a hospital CT scanner.’
    • ‘As a demonstration of our friendship and support for this triage and stabilization unit, we are going to be funding the purchase of a CT scanner.’
    • ‘In its wooden box, the body was taken to a specially outfitted truck equipped with a Somatom Emotion 6 CT scanner which is a donation from Siemens and the National Geographic Society.’
    • ‘At the University of Iowa, we are fortunate to have a state of the art ultrafast CT scanner, which allows us to perform movie studies of the heart while it beats.’
    • ‘We have also made a case for a CT scanner and as far as we know this has been accepted but no funding has been provided.’
    • ‘The deputy and four other ‘victims’ submitted to head shaves and, in some cases, beard shaves as part of a major fundraiser aimed at providing a €500,000 CT scanner for Bantry General Hospital.’
    • ‘A dying taxi driver spent hours aboard an ambulance travelling from Wexford to Cork because the CT scanner in the hospital to which he was first admitted was unmanned.’
    • ‘Using a super-powerful CT scanner, the folks at the University of Texas have created state-of-the-art visualizations of the internal and external structures of nearly 300 vertebrates and many invertebrates as well.’
    • ‘When it goes into production later this year, the $2 million LightSpeed VCT will be the fastest and highest-resolution CT scanner available.’
    • ‘She says a new £500,000 CT scanner can check the entire body in seconds meaning waiting times will fall to two or three weeks when the norm around the country is three months.’
    • ‘But the 12-year-old CT scanner at Glasgow's Beatson Oncology Centre is still at the frontline of the battle against cancer in a city with one of the worst rates of the disease in the UK.’
    • ‘Medical College of Wisconsin physicians at Froedtert Hospital are using the most powerful medical CT scanner in the world to research the potential for noninvasive approaches to diagnosing and treating heart disease.’
    • ‘Ancient Egyptian King Tutankhamun's mummified head is shown moments before the mummy was put through a CT scanner in Egypt in March.’
    • ‘The small CT scanner was brought from the sick bay and passed through the two-hatch pressurizing system to the corpsmen inside with the teams.’