Definition of cryoscope in US English:



  • An instrument used to determine the freezing point of a liquid or a solution.

    • ‘A cryoscope tests for the amount of water and tests to determine antibiotic levels are completed.’
    • ‘Present cryoscope technology is semi-automated and utilizes the Freezing Point depression method.’
    • ‘Producers judge cryoscope performance on the basis of equipment reliability, up time, and throughput.’
    • ‘For many years the cryoscope has been used to detect added water, but when salt is included with the added water, the cryoscope is no longer useful for its intended purpose.’
    • ‘The single-sample cryoscope includes the following new features to enhance usability and make it easy to update:.’
    • ‘Conventional cryoscopes and osmometers can be modified to achieve the desired non-adiabatic thermodynamics of the chilling chamber during freezing-point determination as will be described below.’
    • ‘The thermistor measures the temperature of the sample on the Celsius scale and at the same time the digital indicator of the cryoscope displays the temperature decrease in the tested milk.’