Definition of crunchy in English:



  • 1Making a sharp noise when bitten or crushed and (of food) pleasantly crisp.

    ‘bake until the topping is crunchy’
    • ‘The dish was surprisingly good, consisting of two crispy, crunchy fritters and an authentic-tasting peanut dipping sauce.’
    • ‘Sometimes if l want a really crunchy topping l crush a pack of plain crisps and add them to the cheese before crumbling it over the surface.’
    • ‘The salade tiède also contains different colours and textures, such as the soft and melting cheese sitting happily alongside crisp, crunchy leaves.’
    • ‘I liked it very much, with its rich texture and flavorful bite, all fluffy batter, cheese bits and crunchy pieces of bacon.’
    • ‘It was absolutely delicious - each bite filled with the crunchy Rice Krispie/caramel/meringue layer and the smooth, rich whipped cream.’
    • ‘I enjoyed their crunchy crumbly texture and deep flavor very much - and was pleasantly surprised, too, for baking by instinct is usually a rather risky endeavour.’
    • ‘Aside from the usual setup of guitar, bass, and drums, the album is home to lots of strange, squeaky, and crunchy noises.’
    • ‘Clean and fresh, this was perfectly seasoned, and the tender tuna was wonderfully complemented by the crunchy, sharp tasting sprouts.’
    • ‘Buttering them, I put away the butter and sat, biting into the crunchy bread.’
    • ‘Use a sharp serrated bread knife, which will give you elegant crunchy fingers of melba toast once dried out and crisped to golden brown in the oven.’
    • ‘This had the rich creamy consistency and hard crunchy top one would expect, but also boasted the most subtle wafts of flavouring.’
    • ‘Hard or crunchy foods, such as apples, should be cut into small chunks before you eat them.’
    • ‘The paths are made of crunchy slate so they can't creep about without making a noise.’
    • ‘Desserts offered were a chocolate torte, fresh fruit salad (great, not too many apple slices) and a hot concoction of a light sponge topped with apple and blackberries that had a crunchy crumble thin layer on top.’
    • ‘Taking a loud, crunchy bite, the juice dribbled off his thick chin and fell directly in front of her face.’
    • ‘This is why they are fluffy on the inside and crisp, or even crunchy, on the outside.’
    • ‘I love this recipe, it results in a delicious crust that has just the right texture: slightly crumbly, crunchy outside, chewy inside.’
    • ‘Each level of the garden has a pathway of crunchy gravel, making the garden a visual and tactile delight.’
    • ‘The prosciutto had an unpleasant bite to it and the melon was under-ripe, too crunchy and not sweet enough.’
    • ‘This was a divine combination, the piquant, smoky butter oozing into the juices, the dish nicely finished off with some thin root vegetables crisps and crunchy chard.’
    crispy, brittle, crumbly, breakable, shatterable, friable, frangible
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  • 2North American informal Politically and environmentally liberal.

    ‘a song that incorporates whale-singing seems pretty crunchy’
    • ‘It is not about being politically correct so we are not looking for earth crunchy soup kitchen volunteers here.’