Definition of Crown prosecutor in US English:

Crown prosecutor


  • (in England, Wales, and Canada) a lawyer who acts for the Crown, especially a prosecutor in a criminal court.

    In Canada also called Crown attorney
    • ‘One of the biggest changes centres on the new role played by the CPS in statutory charging, meaning a Crown prosecutor will decide whether to charge a suspect, and determine the appropriate charge, instead of the police.’
    • ‘A Calgary activist, who recently won the right to grow his own supply of medicinal marijuana for one year, has learned that the Crown prosecutor's office is appealing that decision.’
    • ‘In March this year Crown prosecutors decided there was insufficient evidence for a prosecution.’
    • ‘Ex - Crown prosecutors and former top defence lawyers are having to sit through weeks and weeks, and months sometimes, of very complicated commercial law matters, which again are not their speciality.’
    • ‘The police evidence was risible, the Crown prosecutor a lowbrow bulldog, and the defence counsel out of his depth.’
    • ‘I happen to agree with the comments of the Crown prosecutor, who suggested that this man will probably never be released.’
    • ‘A report was submitted to the Crown prosecutor's office, but when they refused to pursue charges it was no surprise.’
    • ‘The article accused the Crown prosecutor of addressing the Chief Justice by his Christian name.’
    • ‘When the Crown prosecutor heard the tape of the telephone call, it was enough evidence for them to lay further and more serious criminal charges against him.’
    • ‘A North Vancouver provincial court judge declared a mistrial in an attempted murder case Friday because police did not provide two pages of a statement made by the complainant to the Crown prosecutor.’
    • ‘The Crown prosecutor alleged that after the shoot, he confessed to committing this murder to six separate undercover officers.’
    • ‘A Crown prosecutor was forced to apologize to a provincial court judge after walking out of her courtroom in frustration over a ruling.’
    • ‘The Crown prosecutor took the position that the suspect did not intend to avoid responsibility for the accident and that there was therefore little or no likelihood of conviction.’
    • ‘I want to know what Land Transport New Zealand is doing in terms of working with the police or the Crown prosecutor.’
    • ‘Further, the estimation of the Crown prosecutor was that he would never be released.’
    • ‘The Crown prosecutor said that later that day and after police witnessed what they thought was a drug transaction, officers moved in and arrested the two men.’
    • ‘But when inquiries by the police and Crown prosecutors are complete, Noye will once again have to appear in court when a confiscation hearing to seize his assets is held.’
    • ‘This case has jumped from one Crown prosecutor to another.’
    • ‘The evidence was considered applying the tests set out in the code for Crown prosecutors and, following consultation with the police, advice has been given that there is insufficient evidence for a prosecution.’
    • ‘Initially, Crown prosecutors said there was no longer sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction.’


Crown prosecutor

/ˌkraʊn ˈprɑsəkjudər//ˌkroun ˈpräsəkyo͞odər/