Definition of crossing guard in US English:

crossing guard


  • A person whose job it is to help pedestrians, especially schoolchildren, to cross intersections safely.

    • ‘He had a great respect and affection for the police, which his daughter said spurred his interest in working as a crossing guard.’
    • ‘The festival's volunteer crossing guards are given light sabers.’
    • ‘Teachers will be let go, and crossing guards eliminated.’
    • ‘Afterward, he went down to the street to film a segment about what he described as "the happiest people in the community" school crossing guards.’
    • ‘We don't have crossing guards, we don't have school bus drivers.’
    • ‘The crossing guard promised to keep an eye out.’
    • ‘They thought it was a crossing guard at one of these schools.’
    • ‘Crossing guards also are outside during all weather and have no benefits, she said.’
    • ‘Two crossing guards who stood outside the school on Wednesday declined to explain why.’
    • ‘He also said the state agency would recommend hiring crossing guards to work the Broadway crosswalk.’
    • ‘Late last month, the crossing guards, who are supervised by the local police precinct, stopped putting out the cones.’
    • ‘"My dream house," says Tommy, a school crossing guard.’
    • ‘One woman on the street says crossing guard Debra Smith remains a bigger hero than people know.’
    • ‘As part of the program, resources will be provided to persons involved in student travel, including parents, teachers and crossing guards.’
    • ‘A crossing guard stands out front in the morning.’
    • ‘Finally we reach the main road and wait for the crossing guard to wave us onward.’
    • ‘The intersection, which has three stop signs, is not protected by a school crossing guard.’
    • ‘During her retirement, she served as a crossing guard near the Beachmont Elementary School for 10 years.’
    • ‘These officers, however, are not glorified crossing guards.’
    • ‘A crossing guard will help escort the students to the middle-high school.’