Definition of crosshairs in US English:


plural noun

  • 1A pair of fine wires or lines crossing at right angles at the focus of an optical instrument or gun sight, for use in positioning, aiming, or measuring.

    • ‘‘We are looking straight at him in the cross hairs of our rifles,’ the SAS caller whispered.’
    • ‘The supplied inserts include apertures, posts of various widths, and cross hairs.’
    • ‘I finally line up the target and position the cross hairs.’
    • ‘After about 5 seconds the cross hairs turned red and formed an ‘X’.’
    • ‘She had a collection of mailed death threats, one featuring her picture in the cross hairs of a rifle scope.’
    • ‘After firing the missile, the gunner must keep the cross hairs of the sight centered on the target to ensure a hit.’
    • ‘To obtain the measurement values, the operator simply aligns the tool to cross hairs.’
    • ‘It has been used on a limited basis for fishing nets and for wound dressings, and for cross hairs in optical instruments.’
    • ‘Jason quickly swung the gun towards him and put his head right in the cross hairs.’
    • ‘Keeping the cross hairs centered on the man's chest, Ian watched the stranger through the rifle's telescopic sights.’
    • ‘Through the lens he could just about make out the silhouette of his friend's head, dead centre in the cross hairs.’
    • ‘The enemy is in plain sight, caught in their cross hairs.’
    • ‘With the cross hairs of his sights already on a tank, he took the shot and watched as another tank exploded.’
    • ‘The cross hairs impose a sly menace on the land, the small dots of calibration turn a life into an algebra problem.’
    • ‘I moved the scope's cross hairs down to the lower-right corner of the door and squeezed off the next shot.’
    • ‘His cross hairs targeted a nervous soldier peering out from his cover of boulders.’
    • ‘I quickly swept the cross hairs over to the right eye.’
    • ‘I gathered my composure as fast as I could, put the cross hairs (of a gun) on them and engaged them.’
    • ‘He stopped in mid-motion as he found himself in the cross hairs of several laser rifles.’
    • ‘One last check shows the cross hairs are dead center on the hardened aircraft shelter doors.’
    1. 1.1 A representation of crosshairs on a computer screen.
      • ‘Center the digital crosshairs over that distant tree line, press a button, and - zap!’
      • ‘The problem with this is that while the aiming function works well, you'll often have the crosshairs aimed perfectly only to have your shot miss.’
      • ‘Get the crosshairs close to or near the selected area, and your throw will cross the plate exactly where you want it.’
      • ‘Move the crosshairs over to your running application, click and voilà!’
      • ‘Optional items in the market can upgrade your ship with tighter crosshairs and compensation tools to aid you in battle.’
      • ‘If you end up in someone's crosshairs for even a second, there is very little chance of recovering.’
      • ‘You have five slots and you must first highlight the weapon to pick up by hovering the crosshairs over it.’
      • ‘Run your crosshairs over these and you'll find navigation even easier.’
      • ‘Inside, he saw the world on a blue screen with dancing targeting crosshairs that were awaiting things to eliminate.’
      • ‘You move through a level to figure out where everyone's coming from, and then have the crosshairs waiting for them as they arrive.’
      • ‘Two small crosshairs on either side of the large screen slowly began to come together.’
      • ‘When I bring up the software and open a drawing, my crosshairs are invisible.’
      • ‘Instead of turning the character with the left analog stick, the crosshairs just move around the screen.’
      • ‘The video viewfinder is much like what you would find on your typical consumer video camera, but this one has crosshairs on it.’
      • ‘Instead you need to aim the crosshairs on the target, then hold down the fire button.’