Definition of crosscourt in US English:


adverb & adjective

  • (of a stroke in tennis and other racket sports) hit diagonally across the court.

    as adjective ‘a crosscourt volley’
    • ‘The next rally was critical and he gave the point away on a backhand cross-court that hit the tin.’
    • ‘But at 8-6 he nailed a forehand volley hard into the cross-court nick and that was it.’
    • ‘He then hit two backhand cross-court nicks and a backhand drop shot winner to get back to 11-11.’
    • ‘He hit a backhand cross-court winner to end the first set.’
    • ‘If you play a really tight straight shot (close to the wall) whether a drop, volley drop or length, it is very hard for your opponent to hit a cross-court drive.’
    • ‘He has two crucial weapons, the high cross-court lob and the attacking boast.’
    • ‘Her athleticism was superb and her cross-court backhand was sublime.’
    • ‘He converted on the third of three match points with a cross-court forehand winner.’
    • ‘I do these nasty cross-court drop-shots that just beg for someone to cry ‘sweet!’’
    • ‘He throws in an emphatic backhand volley and a fine cross-court forehand as he holds without dropping a point.’
    • ‘Forcing her to concentrate with repetitive drills - 100 cross-court forehands, 100 down-the-line backhands - he turned her into a winner.’
    • ‘His hits his strokes cross-court and down the line.’
    • ‘The Thai began by holding serve and a cross-court backhand dropped just out in the second to give him a break point.’
    • ‘The first player, standing on the left, tried to hit a cross-court passing shot to the right of his opponent who was standing beside him on the right.’
    • ‘The opening rally was completed with an exquisite cross-court backhand drop from the Egyptian.’
    • ‘Their response to the whisper of defeat was the second-serve ace, the cross-court winner.’
    • ‘How about smashing a cross-court backhand winner in the final set of a championship tennis match?’
    • ‘He took the set in 44 minutes with a cross-court winner.’
    • ‘Her often solid game was dotted with some impeccable forehand cross-court returns but her backhand is comparatively weaker.’
    • ‘As the quality of the rallies stepped up a pace in the second set, he broke for 3-2 with a running forehand cross-court pass.’


  • A crosscourt stroke in tennis and other racket sports.

    • ‘She gets good torque on her backhand rails and crosscourts.’
    • ‘She won the game with two backhand crosscourts.’
    • ‘If he didn't get his crosscourt high enough or to the wall, his opponent would either step in and volley it into the reverse corner or turn his shoulders and volley the ball up the rail.’
    • ‘He preferred an aggressive game based on length drives, deep crosscourts, and attacking boasts.’
    • ‘A series of high crosscourts to his backhand flank resulted in loose replies.’
    • ‘He missed a backhand crosscourt.’
    • ‘I have a bad habit of hitting crosscourt, and she sat on those crosscourts.’
    • ‘He made a good choice mid-match to switch up the pace of play, lofting many tight rail lobs and crosscourts.’
    • ‘A forehand crosscourt, backhand down the line, a couple of aces.’
    • ‘She scrambled to keep the ball in play before advancing to the last four with a running forehand crosscourt.’
    • ‘If the ball does not hit the nick, player A then feeds himself to set up another crosscourt and the drill repeats.’
    • ‘He lets rip a forehand pass crosscourt to earn two more break points.’
    • ‘He received his big break as his crosscourt bounced awkward off the nick and stayed attached to sidewall.’
    • ‘He brilliantly disguised a forehand crosscourt to wrong foot his opponent at 9-9.’