Definition of cross-rhythm in US English:



  • 1A rhythm used simultaneously with another rhythm or rhythms.

    • ‘The harmonies become slightly more astringent, and one hears a new fascination with cross-rhythms and syncopation.’
    • ‘This is a lyrical piece involving complex cross-rhythms.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the background riff is punctuated by a disjointed cross-rhythm that one slowly identifies as gunfire, soon to be joined by the ominous rising and falling of sirens.’
    • ‘A remarkable passage in unisons and octaves follows which leads to a fugue bristling with cross-rhythms.’
    • ‘The finale is a blazing samba, with all sorts of cross-rhythms and various textures.’
    1. 1.1 The use of two or more rhythms simultaneously.
      • ‘An intricate pattern of identical complex cross-rhythms repeat every 30 seconds producing a trance inducing effect.’