Definition of cross-correlation in US English:



  • See cross-correlate

    • ‘The cross-correlations between the angular time series for knee and ankle, hip and knee, and hip and ankle, were calculated in order to evaluate the presence of coupling between the joints of the lower limbs.’
    • ‘It is possible to discern the functionally important motions in proteins using a modal decomposition of the cross-correlations of the fluctuations.’
    • ‘Results from both autocorrelation (correlation within one channel) and cross-correlation (correlation between the two wavelength channels) measurements were analyzed using the same equation.’
    • ‘In this system the velocity vector field is obtained by local spatial cross-correlation between small volume elements containing particles observed at two time steps.’
    • ‘As focus was on the cross-correlation modeling, quite simple structures for the variances and correlations of both variables were chosen.’