Definition of crooner in English:



  • A singer, typically a male one, who sings sentimental songs in a soft, low voice.

    • ‘A natural, casual, everyday type of voice worked best with radio mikes, and that is exactly what the crooners supplied.’
    • ‘I'll grant that everyone, even libidinous crooners, have bad days.’
    • ‘He pressed the microphone to his lips like a crooner.’
    • ‘Contenders, crooners and pretenders - they're all here.’
    • ‘Showertime crooners and karaoke divas are being offered the chance to warble their way into posterity at a new recording studio in Shipston.’
    • ‘It emerged as an alternative to the sentimental pop songs of the early twentieth century and the polished crooners who sang them.’
    • ‘There were singing people on the bus, crooners in backyards and I even hummed a note or two.’
    • ‘All three of these croaky crooners take two turns in the lead vocalist's rocking chair.’
    • ‘It's totally different for us to sound like crooners.’
    • ‘He is a heavyset man with a crooner's manner and soft voice.’
    • ‘What I really loved about that time was the vocalists, the crooners.’
    • ‘New to Volume 3 are duets, allowing two crooners the option to sing along at the same time.’
    • ‘The crooner, known for his deep, smooth voice, has suffered years of high blood pressure and is now hoping to get a kidney transplant.’
    • ‘The fuzz-faced crooner looks like he hasn't aged in the last 15 years.’
    • ‘Hundreds of fans rose to their feet to sing the 1970s crooner's most famous song.’
    • ‘This old-school collection of songs should win over new fans and further Andy's status as a smooth crooner of love tunes.’
    • ‘‘Feelings,’ the sappy ballad sung by countless crooners, is rejuvenated in the hands of this master stylist.’
    • ‘The new addition will certainly give the old crooner something to sing about.’
    • ‘He certainly looks more like a rocker than a crooner.’
    • ‘With the invention of the microphone came the crooners but people still sung, they sung in the church, they sung in the army.’
    singer, vocalist, soloist, songstress, warbler, melodist, artiste
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