Definition of critical point in English:

critical point


  • 1Chemistry
    A point on a phase diagram at which both the liquid and gas phases of a substance have the same density, and are therefore indistinguishable.

    • ‘A gas is distinguished from a vapor in that a gas is above the critical point at which the liquid boils.’
    • ‘Their phase portraits are special in that they have critical points of the so-called potential function specified above the phase coordinates.’
    • ‘Critical phenomena relates to the physical properties of matter that occur at the phase transition points and specifically at the critical points.’
    • ‘It is full of physics-based phenomena for which Schelling did not know the words, such as phase transitions and critical points.’
    decisive point, turning point, crossroads, critical period, crux, climax, climacteric, culmination, height, head, moment of truth, zero hour, point of no return, rubicon
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  • 2US Mathematics
    A point on a curve where the gradient is zero.