Definition of crisply in US English:



  • 1In a way that is distinct in outline or detail.

    ‘crisply focused details’
    • ‘The crisply outlined forms of the painting tend to seem more cool than warm in black-and-white reproductions.’
    • ‘The picture is crisply detailed.’
    • ‘They have made sure the picture is crisply rendered and clear of any major imperfections.’
    • ‘Colours are, for the most part, crisply and faithfully rendered.’
    • ‘The crisply cut surfaces of white marble are still unsullied by stains or signs of wear.’
    • ‘You'll also notice how cleanly and crisply voices will come across through the headset.’
    • ‘I'm starting to hit the ball more crisply each day.’
    • ‘It's nice to hear natural sounds like the surf and seagulls so crisply.’
    • ‘They are crisply made, decorative paintings that balance the use of line and masses of colour effectively.’
    • ‘You need deep borders, crisply defined with paths and edging.’
    1. 1.1 In a brisk and concise way.
      ‘she replied crisply that there would be little demand for GM crops’
      • ‘The film moves along crisply and the familiar ground is covered in an entertaining fashion.’
      • ‘She taps out her rhythms crisply.’
      • ‘We were crisply ushered to the plush elevator that politely transported us vertically to the top.’
      • ‘"I am not," he responds crisply.’
      • ‘They stood to attention while they were being crisply briefed.’
      • ‘He made the decision and gave his orders crisply down the phone.’
      • ‘The film moves quickly and crisply, never losing the audience.’
      • ‘She introduced herself crisply.’
      • ‘The staging is also serviceable but uninspiring, with scene changes needing to be made more crisply.’
      • ‘"Well, some people do, some people don't - that's the beauty of society," he replied rather crisply.’
  • 2So as to have a firm, dry, brittle texture.

    ‘crisply fried brown onions’
    • ‘I can't resist huge slices of crisply crusted, melt in your mouth onion rings.’
    • ‘It contained crisply fried eggplant topped with lobster salad.’
    • ‘Two thick pieces of simply delicious, crisply fried challah bread arrive.’
    • ‘Slices of crisply fried black pudding are also wonderful as a topping.’
    • ‘It turned out to be a crisply roasted chicken breast.’
    • ‘The breakfast consisted of two fried eggs and two rashers of streaky bacon crisply done.’
    • ‘Roll the patties lightly in the flour, then fry them in the oil, until they are crisply golden on each side.’
    • ‘I enjoyed a single crisply grilled quail.’
    • ‘A new type of gypsum panel scores and snaps more crisply and cleanly, leaving sharper edges that butt together snugly.’
    • ‘True black petals would absorb sun and heat so rapidly they'd be crisply cooked before they could open.’
    1. 2.1 (in relation to dress) formally and neatly.
      ‘he was crisply dressed in a gray suit and white shirt’
      • ‘I admire the sweet servers, male and female alike crisply dressed in white shirts, black ties and long black aprons.’
      • ‘A crisply dressed older man sits down in a barber's chair in a shop on 43rd Street.’
      • ‘In the distance, a crisply turned out man walked briskly towards us.’
      • ‘One figure stood out of the foreground, however, wearing a crisply starched white shirt and fixing the camera with a clear gaze.’
      • ‘The elderly Russian gentleman, wearing a crisply tailored dark suit and burgundy tie, walked slowly, with the help of his cane.’
      • ‘She was a little taller than I was and wore a crisply pressed business suit.’
      • ‘Their blond hair is tightly braided, and their outfits are crisply pressed.’
      • ‘How relieved we felt with the first glimpse of his immaculate smile and his crisply ironed lab coat.’
      • ‘The staff were crisply turned out in black.’
      • ‘She was quick to observe his crisply cut sandy-blonde hair and shy demeanor.’